Provost and Dean of the Faculty Douglas A. Hicks recently announced faculty appointments and promotions that had been approved by the university’s Board of Trustees.

Continuous tenure and promotion to associate professor:

  • Patrick Crotty, Department of Physics and Astronomy. Crotty specializes in astrophysics, astronomy, cosmology, biological physics and computational neuroscience.
  • Jessica Graybill, Department of Geography. Graybill specializes in physical geography, political ecology, urban ecology, geographies of consumption, and former Soviet Union area studies.
  • Bruce Hansen, Department of Psychology. Hansen specializes in Human sensation and perception, biological psychology; behavioral/cognitive neuroscience, and human cognition.
  • Krista Ingram, Department of Biology. Ingram has conducted research into social behavior, molecular ecology, tropical conservation genetics, and comparative sociogenomics.
  • Jason Meyers, Department of Biology. Meyers specializes in developmental biology, neurobiology, cell biology, sensory biology, and stem cells.
  • Vijay Ramachandran, Department of Computer Science. Ramachandran specializes in algorithms, data structures, e-commerce, game theory/economics and computation.
  • Joel Sommers, Department of Computer Science. Sommers specializes in empirical measurements of Internet paths and systems form the foundation for understanding the performance and behavior of the current Internet.
  • Manuel Teodoro, Department of Political Science. Teodoro’s current research efforts include the first comprehensive study of American water utility CEOs, and a study of independent technocratic agencies and the politics of economic liberalization in Africa.

Promotion to full professor:

  • Amy Leventer, Department of Geology. Leventer specializes in oceanography, paleoclimatology, Antarctic marine geology and biology, environmental studies

The following appointments confirmed by the board at their most recent meeting were recommended by President Jeffrey Herbst and Hicks in consultation with the Dean’s Advisory Council.

  • Christopher Henke, associate professor of sociology and anthropology, is named the Gretchen Hoadley Burke ’81 Endowed Chair in Regional Studies, for one year. Henke has been at Colgate since 2001 following degrees from the University of California, San Diego (MA, and PhD) and the University of Wisconsin (BA).
  • Kezia Page, associate professor of English, is named the Arnold A. Sio Chair in Diversity and Community for a two-year term. Page came to Colgate in 2003 with an MA and a PhD from the University of Miami, where she won consecutive teaching awards, and a BA from the University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica.
  • Kenneth Valente, professor of mathematics and LGBTQ, is named the Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Chair in Liberal Arts Studies, for three years. Valente, who joined the faculty in 1987, is known for his specialties in algebraic structures and, in more recent work, the history of mathematics, science, and ideas.

All appointments and promotions are effective July 1.