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Career shadowing sheds light on opportunities for Colgate students

By Daniel DeVries on January 21, 2013
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Megan Adams '16 poses with Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Meagan Adams ’14 poses with Dr. Drew Pinsky at HLN offices in Los Angeles.

Colgate students participating in Day in the Life career shadowing during winter break spent some time with Dr. Drew, stepped behind the scenes at ESPN, witnessed orthopedic surgery, and tasted the sweeter side of business at Georgetown Cupcake.

About 300 students took part in the program shadowing alumni and parents across a wide variety of professions. For Meagan Adams ‘14, spending the day with Emily Raiber ‘02 at the HLN studios in Los Angeles was an important step in deciding her career path. It was also where she met Dr. Drew.

“Seeing everything firsthand was engaging and was a perfect way to learn more about the business while picturing myself working in this field,” Adams said. “Additionally, I now have a much better idea of what a career in the entertainment industry, specifically in production, is about, as well as what a typical day is like.”

Joseph Van Galen ‘15 and Sarah Allen ‘16 shadowed Dr. Robert Fredrick ’81, assistant team physician for the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team, the Phillies baseball team, and St Joseph’s University.

“I don’t know a lot of sophomores who have had the opportunity to see a patient come into the doctor’s office with a traumatic injury, watch that injury be repaired via a procedure that has been carefully explained to them, and then see the patient a few days later post-operatively,” Van Galen said. “I can’t stress enough how appreciative I am and how meaningful the experience was.”

Jimmy DeCicco ‘15 (left) with Troy Somero ‘06 (center) at an ESPN sales meeting.

Jimmy DeCicco ‘15 (left) with Troy Somero ‘06 (center) at an ESPN sales meeting.

At ESPN, Jimmy DeCicco ‘15 was shown the daily bustle behind the scenes of a mass media outlet by Troy Somero ‘06. After a tour and sitting in on a morning sales meeting, DeCicco met with other Colgate alumni working at ESPN.

“They each shared their stories with me and told me how they got to where they are today,” DeCicco said. “The Colgate alums each studied political science, English, and history and they were managing these brilliant employees who specialized in their discipline. Troy explained that coming from a unique well-rounded education makes employers eager to hire Colgate students.”

At Georgetown Cupcake’s New York City location, Erica Borsack ‘16 had a chance to see the operation of a major commercial bakery with Kaley Zaharris ‘09.

“I have always wanted to work in a bakery, and whenever I can I am baking at home for family and friends. I wanted to see how a bakery really operates,” Borsack said.

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