Colgate students work at the block party organized by the Konosioni Senior Honor Society.

Children of the Hamilton community had numerous choices of games at the Welcome Back Block Party on Wednesday evening in the village green. Kids could try to shoot a miniature basketball through a hoop, nail a target with a suction-cup dart, throw a bean bag through a clown’s mouth, toss a ring onto a stick, pass a football through a hole in a cardboard cutout, or knock down a series of cans with a baseball.

Five-year-old Ronan Daoval was at the festivities with his father, Jon Paul Daoval, and while Ronan shot the basketball, Jon Paul mentioned how grateful he was for the event. “It’s so nice for the kids to be able to play without worrying about the cost,” he said.

Sponsored and organized by Colgate’s Konosioni Senior Honor Society, the block party was “a great way to introduce first-year students to the Hamilton community,” said Konosioni president Griffin O’Shea ’13.

Village residents take part in the block party.

When planning for the block party began several months ago, the idea of inclusivity was a focal point — hence, the location of the village green.

“It’s nice to see the community come out . . . [and to see] the college students working with the kids,” Katrina Bennett ’16 said.

Laughter surrounded the dunk tank as a crowd gathered to see Pilar Barrera, romance language lecturer, sink muscle man Rico Rosa ’13. There was also a sack race and a 40-foot inflatable obstacle course.

The block party was catered by Holy Smokes BBQ, which brought enough macaroni salad, coleslaw, pulled pork, and chicken to feed about 600 people, according to owner and chef Doug Tarpinian. On exhibition was Tarpinian’s “Drunken Chicken” — a crowd favorite that is first marinated with beer and herbs before being slow cooked on a rotisserie over cherry wood, apple, hickory, and maple. One sign of success: all the food was gone before the event was over.

Block party on the village green

A dunk tank was part of the block party held on the village green.