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Bienvenue, Caio, Merhaba, Guten tag, Ni hao

By Matt Hames on August 23, 2012
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International students arrived on campus for their own orientation a week ahead of their American classmates. They talked about their expectations, got to know one another, navigated the campus, and had some fun. Some had never even visited Colgate before; though many had already met on Facebook.

colgate class of 2016 international student luncheon

Colgate international Class of 2016 luncheon

With 126 members, the international students’ Facebook group was a way to ‘meet’ students from their country or region to talk about what to expect from the upcoming year.

Members of the Class of 2016 came from 23 countries, including some not already represented on campus. New countries include Greece, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, and Spain.

Of the 45 total countries now represented on campus, China tops the list with 17 new students who joined 37 current students. Canada sent 13 new students who will join the 24 already enrolled. Other countries represented at Colgate include Korea, Romania, India, Kenya, Uganda, Cameroon, and Vietnam.

At Colgate, enrollment by multicultural students also is growing, comprising 23% of the new class.

The international student Facebook group was a great place to go for advice. “Buy your winter clothes here,” suggested one current student.

What advice do you have for the international students from the Class of 2016?

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