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A look at Colgate Reunion 2012 by the numbers

By Matt Hames on June 4, 2012

Number of attendees at Reunion 2012 – 1,585

More than 2,100: when families are counted

40: minimum number of class years represented under 21 tents

81: members of the 50th Reunion Class of ’62

304: estimated number from the Class of  ’07

112 total events for alums and their families

17:40: Amount of time you can skip to get to the start of the live webcast  of the Colgate 13 Reunion concert

Time Reunion concert went over the scheduled two hours: 39 minutes and 13 seconds

Number of people upset the concert went long: 0

192: number of people who watched the concert live on Livestream

Minimum number of Twitter posts with #gatereunion: 187

$9,127,221: total raised for Colgate by Reunion classes this fiscal year

100: percentage of alumni who came to Reunion who contributed to the number above

57: estimated number of current students who worked at Reunion

261: number of people from New York City who visited the Reunion live website

 4: number of people from Australia who visited the Reunion live website

201 pounds: Minimum amount of food and trash composted

Estimated number of hugs (+/- 1,000) on Friday, June 1, on Whitnall Field: 10,000

30: percent increase of hugs on Saturday

Minimum number of confirmed marriage proposals during Reunion: 3

Fittingly, the exact number of kegs consumed: 113

Number of wine cases consumed: 64

Estimated number of hangovers: 1

347: approximate number of total foursquare check-ins

13: amount of free stuff given out by Juston Payne ’02 to people checking in on foursquare during his presentation

Number of pictures in the 2012 Reunion flickr set: 237

Number of flickr views on Saturday, June 2: 11,804

Number of flickr views on May 21 (2012 Commencement): 10,797

Maroon Citations awarded: 16

Minimum number of times Raider was photographed on a golf cart: 6

Surfer girls in the James C. Colgate stairwell: 1

What numbers would you add?

Ellen Rosen Keller added this on Twitter:
26 – the # of shots that my husband shot OVER par on 7 Oaks thanks to its lightening fast greens!


  • Maggie O'C said:

    I had such a great time at Reunion!
    The 100% contribution rate is sort of misleading though because a $13 donation was included in Reunion fees. I had already given more than that and even though it’s only $13, I think that should have been my choice.

    Thanks, it was a great weekend.
    Maggie O’Connor ’87

    • Matt Hames said:


      Glad you had a great time. Thanks for your comment. We all had a great time as well.


  • AndeAnne said:

    That marriage proposal was to and from Class of 2007 graduates.

  • Andy McCormick said:

    Thanks Jason — everyone who was there was talking about that band on Saturday. Good to know who they are. Hope to see them again, and hopefully at Colgate again.

  • David Allen '62 said:

    The reunion was an “exquisite happening”. To the entire crew from Colgate, staff and students, who worked so hard attending to every detail to make our time at Gate so enjoyable…Thank you Thank You!!! The Campus looks great and I’m sure prospective students are truly impressed.

    Looking forward to attending another reunion soon.

    Peace and gratitude,

    David and Mary

    • Matt Hames said:

      David and Mary,

      Thank you for your comments. We’ll pass them along to the entire team.

  • Jason Kammerdiener '10 said:

    Hi Andy,

    We’re glad you enjoyed the band! They are called “The Barndogs,” and they are a band out of Syracuse.

    Thanks for the feedback!


  • Steve Solomon said:

    One of the entries above links to the video of the Colgate 13’s reunion concert. If you have some time on your hands and your speakers are turned up I would recommend you connect, skip the “setup” period and listen to the hundreds of alumni from the groups inception in the 40s to the present who participated. The MCs professionally coordinate a terrific and heartwarming show- guaranteed to bring a tear or two to your eyes alongside many many fond memories!

    • Matt Hames said:

      Hi Steve,

      Thank you for your comment. You’re right, the concert is well worth the time. Make some popcorn and enjoy!

  • Andy McCormick said:

    Does anyone know the name of the band from Friday night, in the Class of 87 tent? The one that played late. They were incredible. Please let me know if you do. (JD and Repurcussions, you were good too, but I know your name).