Number of attendees at Reunion 2012 – 1,585

More than 2,100: when families are counted

40: minimum number of class years represented under 21 tents

81: members of the 50th Reunion Class of ’62

304: estimated number from the Class of  ’07

112 total events for alums and their families

17:40: Amount of time you can skip to get to the start of the live webcast  of the Colgate 13 Reunion concert

Time Reunion concert went over the scheduled two hours: 39 minutes and 13 seconds

Number of people upset the concert went long: 0

192: number of people who watched the concert live on Livestream

Minimum number of Twitter posts with #gatereunion: 187

$9,127,221: total raised for Colgate by Reunion classes this fiscal year

100: percentage of alumni who came to Reunion who contributed to the number above

57: estimated number of current students who worked at Reunion

261: number of people from New York City who visited the Reunion live website

 4: number of people from Australia who visited the Reunion live website

201 pounds: Minimum amount of food and trash composted

Estimated number of hugs (+/- 1,000) on Friday, June 1, on Whitnall Field: 10,000

30: percent increase of hugs on Saturday

Minimum number of confirmed marriage proposals during Reunion: 3

Fittingly, the exact number of kegs consumed: 113

Number of wine cases consumed: 64

Estimated number of hangovers: 1

347: approximate number of total foursquare check-ins

13: amount of free stuff given out by Juston Payne ’02 to people checking in on foursquare during his presentation

Number of pictures in the 2012 Reunion flickr set: 237

Number of flickr views on Saturday, June 2: 11,804

Number of flickr views on May 21 (2012 Commencement): 10,797

Maroon Citations awarded: 16

Minimum number of times Raider was photographed on a golf cart: 6

Surfer girls in the James C. Colgate stairwell: 1

What numbers would you add?

Ellen Rosen Keller added this on Twitter:
26 – the # of shots that my husband shot OVER par on 7 Oaks thanks to its lightening fast greens!