curling teamCurling at Colgate? You bet.

Not only is there a longtime student club team that competes, there are faculty and staff members who enjoy the game that is gaining popularity in the States but is still most widely known north of the border in Canada.

In fact, Matt Hames, manager of media communications, is the coach of the USA Curling team that is traveling to Basel, Switzerland, to take part in the world championships to be held March 30 to April 1.

Hames, a passionate curler for years, was part of the team that won the national championship this year, earning the team the chance to travel to Basel to compete against 11 teams from around the world. The winner is crowned World Champion for the 2011-12 season.

“It’s an honor and a chance of a lifetime to compete at this level,” said Hames, who will be tweeting about his team’s exploits @mhames.

Since arriving at Colgate four months ago, Hames has competed at the nearby Utica Curling Club. That is where the Colgate club members go each Sunday night to “throw some rocks.”

Twelve students, making up three teams, are competing in the East Coast Regional College Curling Championship this weekend at the Broomstones Curling Clubin in Wayland, Mass.

curling team

Members of the Colgate curling club team pose with coaches Roger Rowlett and Mary Jane Walsh, and with Matt Hames, who is coach of the USA Curling team.

“This year we’ve had a lot of new people who have taken to the sport really well,” said Anna Miettinen ’14. “We’re really looking forward to this bonspiel (tournament) because the teams all create a really silly and cohesive atmosphere despite the competition and difference in experience levels. Of course, we’re planning on playing our best and winning as much as possible, too!”

The student club is coached by Roger Rowlett, Gordon & Dorothy Kline Professor of chemistry, and his wife, Mary Jane Walsh, associate professor in the university libraries. This is the last bonspiel of the year. Curling starts again in the late fall.

The student curlers competing this weekend are:

Colgate 1:
Skip – Zach Wienandt ’13
Vice – Rich Grey ’14
Second – Ryan Loomis ’12
Lead – Amanda Zranchev ’12

Colgate 2:
Skip – Anna Miettinen ’14
Vice – Kara Schmidt ’14
Second – Beth Mahoney ’14
Lead – Jenna Glat ’14
Fifth – Lauren Kasparson ’15

Colgate 3:
Skip – Alex Hull ’14
Vice – Grant Haines ’15
Second – Rachel Petersen ’14
Lead – Brandon Triminio ’14
Fifth – Matt Feeney ’14

For a glossary of curling terms, go here. Use the comments section below to wish the student team and Hames good luck in their curling endeavors.