High school students have a lot to mull over as they consider which college or university might be the best fit. One factor is what major to pursue and what opportunities that major might provide after graduation.

A new website tries to provide some answers to those questions for students looking at Colgate.

The Success After Colgate database allows users to select any of the university’s 52 majors and see what alumni who graduated with a particular major are now doing.

The range of careers and post-graduate opportunities is on full display.

“We believe this information provides concrete evidence about the value of the liberal arts education we deliver here,” said Ursula Olender, director of the Center for Career Services. “Our alumni are successful in so many fields and in so many ways, and it’s interesting to see that displayed in this way.”

The information about the majors is pulled from a university database and displays class year, job title, and company name for the 30 or so alumni featured for each major. (New majors, like environmental studies, show fewer results.)

The website is an initiative of the Office of Admission, Information Technology Services, Office of Communications, and Office of Institutional Advancement.