Before the sun could push above the horizon this morning, 153 community members braved the frigid air and crossed the threshold of the new Trudy Fitness Center.

They were welcomed by President Jeffrey Herbst, Raider, and staff from athletics, facilities, and campus safety.

Patrons lined up in the hallway connecting Huntington Gymnasium and the center. A few moments after 6 a.m., the doors were opened, and one by one they filed inside, logging their names on the historic sign-in sheet. The first 100 picked up a memento — the Colgate Bookstore supplied 50 bobble-head mascots and Rec Sports provided 50 Colgate cinch bags.

“Oh my gosh.”
“This is so nice.”
“This is the highlight of my life; it’s all downhill from here.”
“Is it going to be like this every morning?”

The hum of comments drifted back from the front of the line, heightening anticipation among those standing behind.
“I expected a lot of people,” said Senior Associate Athletic Director Vicky Chun ’91 as she looked at the crowd. “But this is amazing.”

“Amazing” was the word of the day. Ryki Levine ’13 added “pristine” to the list of adjectives after her visit to the cardio floor. “I like it a lot,” she said. “I don’t work out, but I will now.”

That’s the kind of enthusiasm that wellness advocates are hoping to nurture as the university celebrates the addition of a cross-training tread to its campus footprint. “It was wonderful to see the Trudy Fitness Center get off to such a good start,” said President Herbst. “I am sure that the facility will be a great opportunity for students, faculty, staff and community members.”

A fit opening for Colgate’s new fitness center
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