mhernandezstopp.jpgHello! Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Marilyn Hernandez-Stopp and I am a first-year here at Colgate.

Being from a large suburb of Denver, Colorado, I am quite new to the quintessential quaint little town of Hamilton, New York. Back home, I attended Lakewood High School where I was exposed to all the splendor of typical high school drama.

Though life in Colorado was undeniably enjoyable, I was ready for a change.

Coming to Colgate has certainly helped my perspective on the world grow, and has helped me realize what it is like to be truly engaged in a community of students with equal ambitions, aspirations, and interests.

At first I was afraid that Colgate would be too small for me, and that I wouldn’t have much to do. This assumption was completely wrong.

In fact, the first week here, I went to the Fresh Friday Dance, hosted by the ALANA Cultural Center. The music was great, and it was a good chance to get to know some of my fellow first-years (not to mention a chance to critique their dancing skills!).

The following week I was able to see author Julia Alvarez speak on campus at Love Auditorium. I was ecstatic, seeing as she is one of my inspirations; I truly admire her work and success as a Latina author. I even got her autograph, at which moment I texted my mom triumphantly, letting her know how excited I was to have this opportunity.

Now, I know I have only been here for a few weeks, but I can already see how amazing my first year will be. Coming up in the next few days is an Interfaith Community Dinner at the Chapel. That should be delicious! Or I could stop by and catch one of the free movies at Love Auditorium. And this weekend I can go watch the Colgate volleyball team.

Hmm, what should I choose!?

(I’ve been asked to write each week about what life is like as a first-year student here at Colgate. Until next time!)